Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

A welcoming community built through song.

Our Mission

To create a thriving and welcoming artistic community through musical accessibility, community involvement, and educational outreach.

Our Values

  1. Positive Membership Experience:  We provide a fun and unique choral experience for our members with a priority on member enrichment, inclusiveness, and involvement. We create an environment that has positive energy and that engenders a safe and welcoming feeling for all.
  2. High Musical Performance Standard with Accessible Music:  We strive to create an extraordinary and entertaining musical experience for our members and our audience. We perform repertoire that challenges both the singer and the listener, as well as music that is familiar and friendly.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility: We commit to a sound fiscal policy that extends to our members and our larger musical community that may have limited financial resources.
  4. Organizational Flexibility: When we are faced with obstacles, we will focus on the problem, not the person, and use flexibility to find a resolution that works for the greater good. When faced with new opportunities, we will come up with creative solutions to take advantage of those opportunities.
  5. Family Friendly: We endeavor to create an environment that supports our diverse members and their families.