Our Singers

Resounding Achord is a collection of very smart, talented, and diverse singers.  We are diverse in race, age, and occupation, just like the rest of Silicon Valley. This is our current singer roster.

NamePartRA Singer SinceOccupation
Monica Bacon-ProctorAltoJanuary 2018Retired Financial Planner
Meghan BarchetSopranoNovember 2018
Kyla BliliAltoJanuary 2018COO of Blili Enterprises
Case BontragerBassOctober 2019
Annette BronziniSopranoAugust 2019
Keith ByronBassAugust 2014Business Systems Analysis in Financial Industry
Eric ChaoTenorAugust 2019
Timir ChokshiTenorJanuary 2013Business Development & Product Marketing Manager
Jan ClaytonAltoJanuary 2013Owner Jan's Totally Nuts; Executive Director, RAP
Gabbi CrollaSopranoAugust 2019

Tracy Darcy
AltoSeptember 2014 (with hiatus)
Katherine DoarAltoJanuary 2015Asso. Priest @ St. Francis Episcopal Church
Michelle DreybandAltoAugust 2015Nonprofit Development Manager; Chairperson RAP Board of Directors
Maureen DriggsAltoJanuary 2013 (with hiatus)Elementary Music Teacher, Musical Theater & Choir Director
Sarah EpsteinAltoAugust 2014 (on leave)RAP Board of Directors; Test Cook/Recipe Editor
Nick FortinoTenorAugust 2019
Kelli GhanatiSopranoAugust 2013Ghanati Family House Manager; 5th Grade Teacher (on hiatus)
Jeremy HarrisTenorNovember 2018
Andrew HathawayBass/TenorAugust 2018RA Assistant Conductor;
Jerry HernandezBassAugust 2014 (with a two year hiatus)Human Resources, Facebook
Mernie HillmanAltoJanuary 2018Music Teacher
Allan HughesBassJanuary 2013Retired Engineer; Harpsichord Builder & Recorder Player
Maly HughesSopranoJanuary 2013Rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church
Galt JohnsonBassJanuary 2013 (on leave)Software Architect, Filemaker
Anupam KaulBassAugust 2019
Brian KronemanTenorJanuary 2018Channel Guru
Joshua LanamTenorOctober 2019
Phil LevesqueTenorAugust 2019
Mara LindeSopranoAugust 2016Latvian Cultural School President; Northern CA Latvian Association board member
Albee MabezaTenorAugust 2019
Greg MeltonTenorAugust 2018Fun Employeed
Miyuki MoriAltoJanuary 2013Massage Therapist
Ryan NakagawaBassJanuary 2013Software Engineer
Chris NgBassJanuary 2013QA Analyst, Machine Zone
Talia Orsetti NgSopranoAugust 2015American Sign Language Teacher
Peter OdrynaBassJanuary 2013CTO carjojo.com
Christina O'GuinnSopranoJanuary 2013Director, Educational Partnerships @ The Tech
David OvercashierTenorAugust 2015Biochemical Engineer
Ramona PimentelAltoAugust 2014 (on leave)Director of Music Arts, LGCS
Denise PinardAltoJanuary 2013Child Care Provider
Hillary PinardSopranoJanuary 2016 (with a hiatus)
Benjamin Kuhn ReardonTenorAugust 2015Field Application Engineer, Rakon
Kristen RedanielAltoAugust 2019
Steven RosenauBassAugust 2013 (on leave)Engineering Manager, SSL
Cody ScottTenorAugust 2018
Sarah ScullionAltoJanuary 2017Accessible Technology Trainer at San Jose State
Molly ShawSopranoAugust 20136th Grade Teacher; UCSC lecturer; Uniformed Volunteer Henry Coe State Park; RAP Board Member
Yumi ShiraiwaAltoJanuary 2013Music Director of Mixed Chorus Kakehashi
Peggy SpoolAltoJanuary 2016Director, Vivace Youth Chorus
Kendra SymondsAltoAugust 2018Director of Bay Bells handbell ensemble, middle school choir and orchestra director
Jo TaubertSopranoJanuary 2013Employment Attorney
Gabrielle TorresSopranoAugust 2018Funeral Director
Ben WalterBassJanuary 2013 (with a 3-year hiatus) (on leave)Software Triage, Apple Inc.
Andrea WhiteSopranoAugust 2014PT Volunteer Services, The Tech Museum; FT Mom @ the White house
Alissa YangSopranoAugust 2017 (with hiatus)Homeschool mom of four; family therapist