Chromatic Convergence

Chromatic Convergence is an all-gender contemporary a cappella group that provides an engaging experience through unique arrangements of today’s popular music. including pop, jazz, R&B, rock, hip-hop, soul, gospel, and musical theater. The group is conducted by Dario Johnson, who is also credited with a number of the group’s musical arrangements.

Chromatic Convergence was founded in the Summer of 2021 and it officially joined Resounding Achord Productions in July of 2023. Its mission is to use their voices to heal the community around them — to help the community come back to its own human essence when feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

Chromatic Convergence typically rehearses on Sunday, 5-7 pm at Stone Church in Willow Glen and performs in both solo concerts and with other choirs from Resounding Achord Productions. If you are interested in finding out more about Chromatic Convergence, please contact Dario.

Check them out on Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube.